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Path of Exile is a very interesting game. Its most attractive feature is its complex build system. You can research your favorite build. Today I will introduce you a powerful build - Mage Skeleton Necromancer. Of course, these need POE Currency support.

Necromancer is a class with magical damage. His skill is to summon dead people and manipulate them. Most of these scary-looking mages can summon skeletons and dead people to fight. They hide behind the summoned objects to provide them with Buffs and curses his enemies to win battles.

The basis of this build is Witch class, and you need to strengthen your summoning ability, especially the ability to summon Skeleton Mage. And you need to focus on improving your mana, because you need enough mana to complete the summoning. This build is very powerful, but The only bad thing is that when all your summons are killed, you will be very easy to kill.

And the chanting time of the summoning is also very long, so you can complete the summoning before the battle, which is good for your survival after all. After you complete the summoning, the next battle will be very simple, you only need to release a few buffs to fight it's over.

These guides are all I saw on the poecurrency website. There are a lot of handwritten game experience on it, and there are also a lot of cheap POE Exalted Orb for sale, which can definitely help you become a game master.