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Overig / Re: servicemelding gereset
« Laatste bericht door rosalietideman89 Gepost op Gisteren om 01:43:35 pm »
Dit kan kloppen, wat is de rede dat dit veranderd moet worden?
Projecten en How to do's / Re: Klepsmeersysteem installeren
« Laatste bericht door rosalietideman89 Gepost op Gisteren om 01:40:55 pm »
Hoe is het afgelopen?
Since the release of MLB The Show 23 points, the Diamond Dynasty has been the home of many elite player items. And now, the free Milestone Series 99 overall Kenley Jansen player project is also one of the first in Xu Squadron’s fan list.

After MLB The Show 23 released the new Kenley Jansen card in the recent game, even the super-high-level players in the Diamond Dynasty are trying to get this one of the most popular pitching items among players.

The card hits 125 per nine with an excellent pitching combination and has a mix of three better pitches of Cutter, Sinker and Slider to match the variation, so the quality attributes of this card are really, really good.

So how to get this card? Players will see the May Topps Now program after entering the “Other Programs” option. Here, you’ll find an extensive rewards path, with a variety of packs available to players participating in the May Topps Now program, and a Kenley Jansen card waiting to be unlocked at Tier 30. Moreover, buying MLB The Show 23 Stubs will also help you improve a lot, speed up the progress of the game, and improve your own strength.

There are more detailed and applicable guides waiting for your reference, hard over to UTnice to learn more.

Now, have a go!
The recent patch 1.09.1 has very nice additions, so I’ll recommend some build ideas for this 1.09.1 patch as well.

Ashes of War is an important part of this build, there are many things we need to do. If we go to the direction of the Hut on Storm Hill, we will find a scarab soon after we kill it, we will get a It’s called the Wild Strike reward, accept it. And, for this scarab, we also have suitable Elden Ring Runes For Sale to deal with. If you don’t have the suitable equipment, visit IGGM is also a good choice to buy.

After a while, we can see the castle, along with some enemies. Take them out and the Lion’s Claw should be your loot. I believe this weapon that can deal a lot of damage will be a very good boost.

After the player continues to explore, you will find some boxes and loot. These loot may contain the Raptor’s Set, which increases your attack damage when you jump.

Of course, there will also be enemies here, especially skeletons. To defeat them without spending any more time, you need to beat them on the ground.

Finally, in this build, the preparation of some consumables is necessary, which can better help you achieve the build. Therefore, Elden Ring Items For Sale is a must. And don’t worry, the code “CSCCA” (5% OFF) will do a lot, use it and you will get more runes.
Audio, Video en Electronische gadgets / Buy POE 3.21 Currency for Shadow Class in Crucible
« Laatste bericht door Annnapaenin Gepost op Gisteren om 08:20:22 am »
As a free RPG, Path Of Exile still has many fans until now, which undoubtedly proves that POE is successful. And the new mechanism brought by POE 3.21 has attracted many players to experience it.

As the main event of POE 3.21, Crucible’s weapon skill tree brings players a lot of original experiences. Many interesting and practical weapon skill point assignments are worthy of players’ reference. For details, you can visit for details. And then I will elaborate on the choice of weapons for the Shadow profession.

The mechanics of each character in the game are different, so the weapons they choose are also different. Buying POE Divine Orb choosing the right build and picking the right weapon for that will give us a really powerful boost. As one of the well-known classes of Shadow, the most suitable weapons are daggers and claws. Therefore, this time, we will also elaborate on daggers and claws.


This weapon is very suitable for the early stage of the game, it can +20 boost to intelligence, the requirement for the player is to reach level 15, have 30 intelligence and 30 agility.

Imperial Claw

As a growth weapon, its status among POE players is very high. The +43 health per hit will more than make up for Shadow’s vulnerability.

Hand Of Thought And Motion

This weapon is very practical for players who are keen on intelligence improvement and high attack speed. According to the amount of intelligence value, lightning damage is increased, and each attack +12 life, attack speed is increased, and it will bring players who experience extreme damage Said very practical.


This weapon is very good for some Shadow characters who like to use spells. It will provide mana while increasing spell damage and increasing energy shield. For those who are keen on magic attacks, this weapon is very practical.

There are also many interesting and practical POE Items that are also good choices for players. Choosing the right weapon will help you a lot. Moreover, buying Path of Exile Currency will also help you upgrade your character level faster for a better gaming experience.
Audio, Video en Electronische gadgets / Buy best Diablo 4 Gold at IGGM for Best Fit Class
« Laatste bericht door Annnapaenin Gepost op Gisteren om 07:42:04 am »
As Diablo 4 is approaching, many players are preparing their own builds so that they can choose a suitable class in the game. In the previous several open betas, players have more or less learned about the characteristics of each class in the game, and have made corresponding countermeasures.

Diablo 4 will have five classes to choose from at launch: Rogue, Wizard, Barbarian, Necromancer, and Druid. Each class has its own unique game mechanism and skill tree. Reasonable selection of the class and weapon options that suit you will bring you a unique game experience.

As a class that has existed since Diablo 2, we know Barbarian among many classes for his powerful melee attack and anti-strike ability. For physics-oriented players, while choosing this class, visit the IGGM preview for reference. Specializations suitable for Barbarians such as Berserker and Warlord will maximize the characteristics of this class.

As a flexible class, Rogue has an excellent fit with many specializations, such as Combo Points and Exploit Weakness. Moreover, Buy D4 Items will give full play to the characteristics of this profession to a large extent, so that it can maximize its effectiveness.

Although Druid is the least optimistic class in the test, the developer explained that Druid has a very powerful combat power in the late game, and its effect cannot be seen in a short test, so this class is also a very good choice. And in order to achieve this goal, D4 Gold For Sale will be able to better help you get through the late stage to witness the performance of Druid.

Sorcerer was the most dazzling class in the test, and it was inevitably weakened. And if there is no certain numerical correction before the official release of Diablo 4, I think Sorcerer will be a very weak class. Of course, players who like this class mechanism can still choose. But correspondingly, if you want to achieve the combat power that meets your expectations, for Sorcerer, the appropriate itrms&gold will help a lot.

Choose the class that suits you and enjoy the joy brought by the game!
Colt / This guide will outline the process of acquiring the coveted wolf pup companion
« Laatste bericht door rodeoneerer Gepost op juni 01, 2023, 11:04:00 am »
In the unforgiving realms of Diablo IV, a faithful companion can provide invaluable assistance in your battles against the forces of evil. Among the available companions, the wolf pup stands as a symbol of loyalty and strength. This guide will outline the process of acquiring the coveted wolf pup companion, allowing you to forge a powerful bond with this formidable creature and harness its unique abilities to aid you on your perilous journey through Sanctuary.

I. Unearthing the Wolf Pup's Questline:

    Exploration and Discovery: Traverse the vast lands of Diablo IV, interacting with various NPCs and exploring different regions to uncover hints and rumors about the wolf pup's existence. Engage in conversations, investigate ancient tomes, and complete specific tasks to progress further.
    Tracking Clues: Piece together fragments of information and follow the trail of clues that lead you closer to the wolf pup. Seek out NPCs with knowledge of its whereabouts, decipher cryptic messages, and unravel the secrets that surround this elusive companion.
    Trials and Challenges: Brace yourself for challenging encounters and trials that test your skills and determination. Overcome powerful enemies, solve puzzles, and navigate perilous environments as you inch closer to the ultimate goal of acquiring the wolf pup.
    Interactive NPCs: Forge alliances with NPCs who possess insights into the wolf pup's location. Engage in meaningful conversations, build rapport, and complete tasks or favors for them to gain their trust and uncover vital information.

II. Capturing and Nurturing the Wolf Pup:

    The Encounter: Once you have successfully completed the questline, you will find yourself face-to-face with the wolf pup. Demonstrate your prowess and prove your worthiness to earn its trust and loyalty.
    Bonding and Trust: Establish a deep bond with the wolf pup by spending time together, offering food and care, and engaging in activities that foster trust. Patience and consistency are key as you build a strong connection with your new companion.
    Training and Development: Train the wolf pup to enhance its combat abilities and unlock new skills. Engage in training sessions, teach it commands, and reward it for successful execution. Progressively challenge the pup to hone its instincts and sharpen its combat prowess.
    Equipment and Customization: Equip the wolf pup with specialized gear and accessories tailored to its strengths. Find or craft items that augment its attributes, enhance its survivability, and complement your own playstyle.
    Evolution and Growth: Nurture the wolf pup's growth by investing resources and experience into its development. Unlock new traits, abilities, and upgrades that reflect its unique bond with you and optimize its performance in battle.

Acquiring the wolf pup companion in Diablo IV is an endeavor that requires patience, skill, and perseverance. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can embark on a questline, uncover the secrets leading to the wolf pup, and form a deep bond with this loyal companion. Together, you will face the darkness that threatens Sanctuary, relying on the wolf pup's fierce abilities and unwavering loyalty to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

At Gamer to Gamer, players have full control over their D4 Gold costs. Buyers can choose from a variety of trades and offers, while sellers decide how much to charge. guarantees all of its sales, meaning that clients don't have to worry about being short-changed or scammed by other players. Because every single transaction in our platform is protected by advanced SSL encryption technology to protect your personal data.
Forumleden garage / Buy a Honkai Star Rail Accounts and get all bounties
« Laatste bericht door jacksoner Gepost op mei 30, 2023, 09:14:20 am »
Next, I will tell you how to get all the bounties. I saw all these on IGGM. The location where the mission starts is in the administrative district of Yalilo, and there is a teleportation anchor above the Golden Opera House. Go straight down the stairs after passing, and you can see a reward order on the side of the stairs, click it to get the reward order.

After getting the first reward order, you can see that there is also a reward order on the opposite side of the road. After taking this reward order, we go to the right a little bit, go to a place with a small uphill and a track, and then go to the wall. You can see the next reward order. After taking it, go back, go the way you just walked, and then go to the roundabout, you can see another reward order before going up the stairs.

The location of the next reward order, teleport to the Gothic Hotel, then look directly to the left, there will be a place like a coffee shop seat, and there will be the next reward order behind it.

Teleport back to the Goethe Hotel, go up to the left, and follow the underground track path until you see a place like a notice board in front of you. There is our next reward order on the notice board. After taking this reward list, we go to After walking, you can see the next bounty list, which is directly opposite the subway we went down, and there is a place like a curved arch. After that, we got all the bounty sheets, there are 7 in total.

These guides are all from IGGM, hurry up to get more guides, there are many useful game guides on it, which can help you quickly become a master. You can also buy HSR Accounts here, because IGGM is the best place to Buy Honkai Star Rail Accounts.
Forumleden garage / Mighty Spirit Summons, buy Elden Ring Runes on IGGM
« Laatste bericht door jacksoner Gepost op mei 30, 2023, 09:11:31 am »
FromSoftware games are very difficult, so it is not surprising that Elden Ring is difficult. So some players are forced to use Spirit Summons to pass the level. These unique abilities are also called Spirit Ashes. He is powerful because you can make Tarnished Summon a ghost partner to help you fight, so as to quickly clear the Elden Ring. But there are 64 types of Ashes. So it is very difficult for us to choose. Next, I can recommend a powerful Ashes for you - Nightmaiden And Swordstress. I found it on IGGM, which also sells Elden Ring Runes, which is very convenient.

Nightmaiden and Swordstress can be said to be very inconsistent in terms of defense bonuses, but it can still defend against most of the different types of physical damage. Nightmaiden and Swordstress can deal ranged damage as well as melee damage, and their attacks can spread enemies. Otherwise it will be overwhelmed and you may all be killed. So it is very suitable for tanky melee players, you can let the duo weaken and spread the enemy before giving the enemy a critical blow.

After knowing this, I quickly cleared the Elden Ring. You should also go to IGGM to get the strategy. These are very useful insights from the great gods, and there are also cheap Elden Ring Runes on sale. These can help you change quickly, now you can still use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off, very favorable.
Forumleden garage / Do you want to become a Path of Exile master, come to poecurrency to buy POE Cur
« Laatste bericht door jacksoner Gepost op mei 30, 2023, 09:08:23 am »
Path of Exile is a very interesting game. Its most attractive feature is its complex build system. You can research your favorite build. Today I will introduce you a powerful build - Mage Skeleton Necromancer. Of course, these need POE Currency support.

Necromancer is a class with magical damage. His skill is to summon dead people and manipulate them. Most of these scary-looking mages can summon skeletons and dead people to fight. They hide behind the summoned objects to provide them with Buffs and curses his enemies to win battles.

The basis of this build is Witch class, and you need to strengthen your summoning ability, especially the ability to summon Skeleton Mage. And you need to focus on improving your mana, because you need enough mana to complete the summoning. This build is very powerful, but The only bad thing is that when all your summons are killed, you will be very easy to kill.

And the chanting time of the summoning is also very long, so you can complete the summoning before the battle, which is good for your survival after all. After you complete the summoning, the next battle will be very simple, you only need to release a few buffs to fight it's over.

These guides are all I saw on the poecurrency website. There are a lot of handwritten game experience on it, and there are also a lot of cheap POE Exalted Orb for sale, which can definitely help you become a game master.
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