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Mitsubishi Grandis - service is overdue

Filluar nga luki88l, Prill 12, 2012, 09:49:06 MD

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hi all,
I have a problem with the annoying message:
"service is overdue please contact your dealer"
How can I delete it yourself.


Evo driver

Dear Luki

Just read your manual. I don't know how to explain it in englisch.
It is standing in your manual from your car.



I don't have manual... therefore wrote here...I mentioned oil in my car


Dear Evo driver,

Maybe try to explain it in you'r language. Translate it in a program



if you google : mitsubishi grandis service reset you find a couple of website where its being explained how to reset it manually ;)

Evo driver

Turn the ignition on position 2 (ignition on) and then push the setup button.
and hold it. This can sometimes be 15 seconds. Then suddenly you get a different screen and asks for the maintenance reset. On the Yes button then he reset.

Even met google translate :D


Thanks Evo driver,

Thank you very very much for your help  :) long time looking for work(google/www/forum), problem solved  :)   :D

greetings from Poland and have a nice weekend  ;)