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Mitsubishi Carisma (avance) frontsplitter

Filluar nga cross90, Shkurt 06, 2012, 09:12:16 MD

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Here is a picture of the splitter and the car :)


Evo driver

YEah looks great, but I've searcht for you but still no manual found.

But when you take off the bumper or you have a picture of the inside of the bumper I can tell you what to do.
I've mount them a lot on the carisma's on my work but all the manuals are gone ....




ok, i have removed the bumper now,
and here are some pictures, from behind the bumper

Is the splitter gona be going over, or under the fittings from the car bumper, if you know what i mean.  ;D


and the screws fore the splitter, and + 2 mounting brackets fore the splitter (not on the picture)

Evo driver

First off all my drawing skills are a little bid low :D but I hope you will understand what I mean.

In the 3 red circles you see 3 sleeves. In each corner of the sleeve you drill a hole of 3,5 to 4 mm. Then you need a knife to cut out the sleeves. Take a paint stripper or a hairdryer to warm it up so it will cut easily. Don't make it to hot or the paint is going to burn off your bumper.
You do it twice at each corner on the left and right.

Then you drill on the stamped circles on the yellow points a hole of 8 mm. You need to do it 5 times.

First you need to slide the bolts no 1 into the holes on the front splitter on position B.
And you can mount the splitter on the bumper. Sometimes if the splitter doesn't fit in the sleeves you need to make them bigger but not to big off course.
Then you hit them hard to get the mounting points a trough the bumper.
Then you use the plates no 2 on the 5 bolts in the middle of the bumper and put the nut no 3 to Finnish it off.
Then there are also 2 black brackets in the box you need to lay it on the corners and mount them with the bolds no 4.
No 5 and the clip between no 1 and 4 you need them to mount are perfect on the plastic trims under the car..

I Hope you have something on this how to.
Please take a picture when it is on your car !!

Good luck with the assembly




Thanks fore the information, it realy helped.

I must say that the work on removing the bumper wan't realy an easy jobb, but at last i got it off my car.
fortunalely the work on geting the bumper on the car, was mutch easyer.

hare are som pictures of me assembling the bumper

And finaly finish.

Tnx again fore helping me, I really appreciate it.  ;D ;D


Looks good!!

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Evo driver

YEah nice work !! And it looks great on the car !!


looks great :D

should wrap in carbon wrap :P


I have the same on, only we smoothed the joint of and painted it..


That looks great.
i was supposed to do the same,but i dont want to spend more money on the bumper, it is realy expencive whit a paint jobb on those parts, especially in norway. where im from :(

but have you done the same with the side skirt. ? (painted them) ;D