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Lancer/Colt GTi front bumper indicators.

Filluar nga Mithrill_pl, Shtator 20, 2011, 10:47:04 PD

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First of all - hi guys! (and sorry for my english!)
I'm here from the biggest Mitsubishi owners club in Poland, MitsuManiaki (MitsuManiacs).
The name is Lucas, and it's very nice to visit our Dutch friends forum!  :)

And now straight to the point.
I have a very annoying problem.
Some time ago i've decided to change my standard Lancer C66A into a GTi model.
I've bought the parts etc., but now i just can't get the original Colt/Lancer GTi front bumper indicators.
I've looked everywhere (except Netherlands... :) )!
Guys, please help! If someone, anyone have these lights for sale, please contact me via PM.

Thanks a lot, and cheers!

PS. ImageShack profile with my Lancer:


Hi Lucas,

Welcome to our community. I've seen the picture of your car. It Looks great!

I assume you're looking for the indicators that need to be fitted in the holes above the foglights?

I've added a picture of your car to this topic, so people can see immediately what you are looking for.



Ps. I translated your message to Dutch for non-English members :)

Origineel bericht vertaald:

Ten eerste - hallo allemaal! (en sorry wat betreft mijn engels)
Ik ben hier gekomen vanuit de grootste Mitsubishi club in Polen, MitsuManiaki (MitsuManiacs).
Mijn naam is Lucas en het is geweldig om op jullie Nederlandse collega forum te zijn!

En nu meteen ter zake:
Ik heb een heel irritant probleem.
Een tijdje terug heb ik besloten om mijn standaard Lancer C66A om te zetten naar een GTI model.
Ik heb allemaal onderdelen gekocht enz.... maar ik kan nergens de originele knipperlichten voor in de Colt/Lancer GTI bumper vinden.
Ik heb echt overal gekeken (behalve in Nederland)
Kan iemand mij alsjeblieft helpen? Als iemand de knipperlichten te koop heeft, of iemand weet die ze heeft, zou je dan een PM willen sturen?

Alvast bedankt en de groeten!

Ps. ImageShack profiel met mijn Lancer:


Thanks a lot Chaoth, you're the man!  ;)

Cheers mate!


No problem, mate.. It's a small effort. :)

Hope you'll find what you're looking for.


Hehe, it would be a miracle... but hey, you always have to try, right? :)

Oh, and guys, don't worry about the payment or shipment.
I have a good friend in NL, so he can pay cash and bring the parts to PL.

Super Top

I'm sorry but those indicators were not fitted on european cars. Therefore the C58 Colt GTi and Lancer C68A were also in Holland fitted with the orange indicators next to the headlights.

If you look hard enough you'll probably be able to find them in Japan, Australia, New Sealand and the Philippines.

I was looking for the original indicators of the normal Japanese version. And also the Japanese clear runninglights next to the headlights. Where the european versions have the indicators.

This is the version I want to make. But I could not find them. Now I have the original fog lights which fit in those holes.
Its even the same bumper lip as I have on my Colt. I also have a C77 Lancer 4WD.

These indicators are probably the ones you are looking for.

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