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Question about accessories prices

Filluar nga Jacek, Qershor 03, 2008, 12:08:39 MD

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My name is Jacek. I'm from Poland and I own 2007 Colt 1.3, 5 door. I was looking for rims for it, and I like the original one's, 15 inch on right side:

code MME31398. They cost in my country almost 1400 euro. I found pdf on
and there is price for those rims is 845 euro. It's much cheaper. Can someone tell is it regular price? I couldn't find anything on (I don't know Dutch). Could anyone help with this? Is this information true?

Evo driver


You can call a dutch dealer and they can give you a awnser.

gr. remco


Why don't you look at ebay and them for example the German section.
A lot of choices and prices.


This is a very old topic, Ronaldo... :geek:


:oops:  I am also getting older  :(  and don't see things at ones.

So topic closed.