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For Sale - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR, Germany

Filluar nga Anonymous, Dhjetor 02, 2005, 02:15:23 MD

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I'm looking to sell my silver V. It has 78tkm, new tyres, Ralliart ECU, Greddy Profec-B Spec II, ARC filter, Cusco strut brace, stainless exhaust, it has never had an accident, and drives superbly.

It is fully registered and is driven daily in Germany - so no problem for anyone in the Benelux region to register. I drive about 700km every week with this car.

There are some pictures here:"> ... cle&CID=16

I'm looking for about 18,500 Euros, but am open to offers. Without the tuning parts it would be much less.

It's running about 320PS - once my Walbro arrives this will be going up to about 350PS.

Tomorrow it is getting the full anti-rust treatment - 4l of Fluid-fil and 4l of Perma-film.

It has NO RUST and I want it to stay that way!

The car is located near to the Nürburgring racetrack. I have done a few laps there, but as said above, the car has not had any accident at all.

Please contact me by email if interested:

bf? - change the ? for something different  Wink

This is a great car, anyone coming for a test drive will not be disappointed.

Thank you!


Nice clean car  Smile


The car has just reached 80,000km, I changed the oil and filter today (0W-40 fully synthetic).

The car is sealed against rust now, everthing is very clean underneath.

I am having the AYC fluid, gearbox oil, and diff oil changed next week, and will do the cambelt and water pump soon too.

I've run the car without a cat for a week, but could see no benefit so will replace the cat again tomorrow.

Price reduced to 17,500 - open to offers with or without tuning parts. I have put new LHD headlights in with adjustment motors.

Any questions feel free to ask!


Also forgot to mention - I have a full set of EBC Carbon/Kevlar pads waiting to go on, once the current pads are toast.




Sehen beide gut aus  Wink

Off-topic: what are your settings with the ProfecB specII?
I also use this boostcontroller but haven't found the ideal settings yet  Confused


I'm waiting on a Walbro so just run about 1.25bar currently (which is FAST!)

I have the gain set to 5% (lowest), start boost comes on as late as possible and boost is then set to 1.25bar. Experiment with the start boost until you prevent boost spike - as near to the required level as possible.

I'll note down the actual numbers when I have time.

The car now has new diff oil etc. - the diffs are quiet again on full lock, everything is mechanically 100%.

Price reduced to 17,000 - and I'm open to offers!

Soon to go on is a full set of black silicon hoses ("> with a stainless steel adaptor I and a friendly German Evo owner made up in order to fit a water temperature guage.

I will slowly change all the hosing to silicon.

Thanks for the comment - yes they both look great and are even better when you're  in the 'driving seat'  Razz


The car now has 82,000, and I'm dropping the price again:

16,000 including the tuning parts. 14,500 without.

 Very Happy


WOW that's a nice car I want to bye it only i'm al litle bit to young Mad


Silcon hoes are now fitted, no major problems have been had - the car now has 83,000 as I was on holiday for a month. It is getting new gearbox oil and new transfer box oil at the Mitsubishi dealer as I type this.

I'm still waiting on a Walbro pump, the first time Ebay has let me down  Twisted Evil

The car also now has a set of Crystal clear side repeaters, and crystal clear fron indicators, so looks much cleaner.

Still drives 100%, no noises, knocking, or any problems of any sort whatsoever.

Price remains the same! The way things are going I shall probably still have this car once you are old enough, so start saving!

BTW I am only looking to sell this car in the Benelux area, as I do not want the stress of Germans coming to view it all the time.

The car is near the Nürburgring, so not too far.



did you sell the car?
just wanna know Wink
hope you did
must be crap to sell that car thou


is the car lefthanded to drive or is the steer on the right side of the car?

if its left, i'm very interested, whats your price without the tuningparts?


don't think he's gonna answer anymore :p


het is een een RHD


wat is dat?


Right Hand Drive  Wink