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Engine swap laws in Netherlands?

Filluar nga ghousto, Maj 03, 2015, 10:05:44 MD

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Hello everyone,
I have a plan a Mitsubishi Lancer GSR with 4g93t engine. The car is RHD, I considered steering wheel swap but it is too much trouble, so after while, I decide I will do the conversion of Colt 1.3/1.6 cj to GSR:)

This should include engine, breaks, interior swap as well as some suspension parts. Some things I will use from Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg ZR, such as exhust, gearbox, LSD and coilovers. The plan will be quite time consuming but while I was living in Ireland I already saw one of such conversion and it was really great.

My BIG question is: What are the laws about engine swap in Netherlands?

It is going to be a change in weight as well as co2 emissions, because it will be czhange from 1.3 to 1.8turbo.

Is it possible here to put engine to colt that never was in the colt from the factory?
And is it possible to insure car like that?

Thx for fast answers:)

PS. check this build on irish forum:


Thank You for that:)

But can someone give me some example of engine swap done by himself and how it all worked with RDW?


hi there,

I did a Mivec/cyborg swap myself on my CJ.
went from a 1.6 to the mivec with exhaust, suspension gearbox with lsd.

a gsr engine is also a 4 cylinder, so it won't give you any trouble with the MOT. if you're planning to do a FTO conversion, which is also a lovely conversion in England/Ireland, you are from a 4 cylinder to a 6 cylinder, and then they won't give you a new MOT.
(without having new papers from the RDW)

a gsr does have a other engine code then the original 4g13 or 4g92. thats the difference you do need to recheck.

I haven't been at RDW yet, cause i need the history of my Mivec engine, it came from Ireland, and don't know the chassis number of the old colt, so I think I will never get new papers.

so for the police, they won't see the difference between a normal colt engine and the gsr (only when they have got a little car knowledge, they will see a turbo and maybe it is a DOHC instead of a SOHC engine.)

if you have got any questions, feel free to ask.



Thanks a lot:)
I will try to do it as a sleeper, so it won't  have huge intercooler, etc.
No worry, if I will have more questions I will PM you.


no problem mate,

well a small or a big intercooler doesn't matter for a sleeper. the fact is you won't see it on the outside of the car. perhaps to paint it black? it wouldn't be a problem with cooling of the intercooler.

Hope you'll create something you do like for yourself and which wouldnt be a (big) problem for police  ;D



Until you park your car against a tree or something worse (cause an accident) and your insurance won't pay, because you didn't alter the amount of bhp your car has got...

To be honest... A risk I wouldn't take.


yeah, but thats the risk of every car and its driver. insurance companys only pay you when you'll have prove your uncautioness. so if you have a 1300cc lancer or a 1800 cc lancer, risk is always there.
so like I said, a sleeper isn't quite an eye catcher, as it is also for the insurance companys.
so I think the risk is always for the man who's action/reaction it is  Kim ;)


Does the car have dutch licence plate, and is the car registered for the first time before 1998? If so you just do the swap, keep the car as light a possible for the inspection, you can remove rear seats even. Then you make an appointment at RDW, costs are around 60 euros. They will want to see some papers for the new engine - if they can see the specs of the car donor they will simply put them on your new Colt (power, noise, etc.) Then they inspect the mounting of the engine and exhaust. Make sure the exhaust is quiet for the inspection, they measure the exhaust gases in accordance with APK rules and they will eventually weight the car. If all is good, the car will re-registered with the new engine. It will cost you around 60 euros and 3 hours of your time.

If the car is newer than 1998 they have to send you to a special test center in Lelystad where they will actually measure how loud is the exhaust, and some other stuff, and will account for around 1000 euro and whole day wasted. The chance is very small that they can also give trouble for changing brakes and drive shafts and that will lead to chassis stability test and costs will raise to 1500-2000. Usually this is done to car that have been heavily modified for specific purposes, and rarely to power builds.


Thanks all for the answers, they will be very useful:)