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Hello again:)

Filluar nga ghousto, Shtator 29, 2013, 01:02:34 MD

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Hello again, this time not from Ireland but from Holland, where I arrived  few days ago.
Before I opened the thread about coming to Netherlands and now I am here:)

I am driving 1995 Lancer GSR, 1.8t, 4x4, purely JDM model, with wheel on the right.
I am living at the moment in Noord-Brabant, and got used to the driving on the wrong side of the road already:)


before coming to Holland, I rebuilded fully my engine, which is 4g93t 2nd generation.
here are some photos, BEFORE - AFTER:

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Welcome in Holland!

Nice work you've done there! And very nice rare model GSR especially in Holland.

How long are you staying here in Holland? Months/Years/Rest of your life?  :P
Since you were finding stuff out about importing the GSR in Holland.
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Yes, I will out some more info about the car later with some photos:)

At the moment I am thinking about few years but will see, maybe it will be longer than I think:)

I will be in touch on the forum anyway quite often